The Tapestri App

To begin, Tapestri has created a new Free App which is just being released. Unlike every other free app you’ve downloaded, this one will pay you for your anonymous data information.

Did you know that YOUR “Data” is more valuable than oil? It was outlined in a Forbes Article if you had any doubts.

Let’s face it, when you download free apps, (and who hasn’t?) or when you use Map app, Weather App or Social Media apps, the list goes on and on… If it was FREE to download, then YOU Are The Product!

All these apps are tracking and collecting anonymous data from us and Selling it For Billions of Dollars, but what do we get in return? A big fat $0.

Tapestri is about to change that forever!

This is a free app that you can download in either the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, (starting in 1-2 weeks). It doesn’t ask you for anything you aren’t currently giving away, Only Now You Get Paid For It!

Consumers will download the Tapestri App for free and can earn between $5-$25 monthly for their data. Share it with a friend and earn $1 per month referral fee, forever, as long as the app is installed and the “App Location” is set to “Always”. Refer as many friends as you like,

there are no limits on referrals or money you can earn!

Tapestri Affiliate Program and Compensation Plan

This is where it gets really exciting!

This is a simple 2 Tier affiliate compensation plan that pays on two levels. Just like the free consumer who uses and shares the app, you will make $1 per referral on your first tier, and $1 for each person they refer, 2nd tier. I know, $1 doesn’t sound like much but, consider this…

You tell 10 people about Tapestri’s free app and over time they do the same. That’s 100 people in your group or $100 a month in your pocket, just for sharing a free app. Now let’s say one of those 100 people happens to have a  following of 25k or more on TicTok or Instagram. They put out a simple post on how they’ve made $40 so far this month for downloading a free app. 500 of their 25k followers download the app and boom! All of the sudden you’re making $600 a month, for basically doing nothing.

Cost to be a Tapestri Affiliate is a $9.95 subscription fee per month. That’s it, there are no hidden fees or annual fees. Become a Super Affiliate and earn even more.

Pre-launch Special: Founding Members will have the $9.95 monthly subscription affiliate fee waived for 12 months if they join PRIOR to the App release. You only paid $9.95 for a whole year.

Click to be one of the first few to join as a founding member!

It’s Your Data, You Should Get Paid For It!

What’s a Tapestri Super Affiliate you ask? Great question.

As an affiliate, if you have 10 or more personal front line affiliates at the end of each month, this qualifies you as a Super Affiliate. This has 2 powerful bonuses connected to it.

  1. Super Affiliates earn a 50% matching bonus on all Affiliates and Super Affiliates in their first and second tiers. If you have an affiliate earning $200 a month, that’s an extra $100 in your pocket!
  2. Super Affiliates also share in “Orphan”rotation of new app downloads. “Orphans” are users who find and download Tapestri on their own, they are not connected to any affiliate or super affiliate.

Of all the Apps that pay you money, I have not seen anything as easy to use as this. Just download it and forget it. It runs in the background and pays you monthly. No games to play, no steps to track, websites to visit, ads to watch, just install it, that’s it. Share it and earn more! Whether you become an affiliate or not, everyone who installs Tapestri is going to get paid!

Final Thoughts:

Over this past year many of us have come to realize there is no such thing as job security. People have continuously been looking for ways to earn a side income, whether it’s by getting a second part-time job, starting a network marketing business, driving ride-share, using CashBack Apps, you name it.

Affiliate marketing is simply sharing someone else’s product, and being paid for the referral. The beauty of this new app is, regardless if you share with anyone or not, you WILL get paid for your own anonymous personal data. You can choose to share with a few friends and earn $1 per month from each, without even joining the affiliate program.  BUT…

If you’ve ever dreamed of being your own boss, setting your own hours, working remotely from anywhere in the world, this may just be the answer.


Get Started Today!

Join us by becoming a member or an affiliate now and let’s see how many people we can help to earn $100-$500+ every month!

Get started for FREE or become an affiliate for only $9.95.

What better way to create the life you have always desired!

Thanks for taking the time to review the Tapestri App and Affiliate Program information. Feel free to leave your Name and Email below for further information.

Download the Tapestri App for FREE and earn between $5-$25 monthly or

Become a Super Affiliate and earn hundreds or thousands…

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